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Witchcraft claims: I believe Pogba – Mbappe

Witchcraft claims: I believe Pogba – Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain forward, Kylian Mbappe, has said he believes his national team-mate Paul Pogba, amid the witchcraft scandal that have played out in public in recent weeks.

Mbappe was asked about the saga at a press conference ahead of Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League tie against Juventus.

“Today I prefer to believe the word of my team-mate. It is his word against the word of his brother, I am going to believe my team-mate,” Mbappe told reporters.

“It’s not a time to put more onto him. I’m pretty detached from it all.”


Pogba’s brother Mathias has previously promised to reveal “explosive” information about his sibling and other players.

Mbappe was dragged into the drama after it was alleged Pogba used a witch doctor to put a curse on the PSG striker.


Pogba, meanwhile, has alerted authorities that an extortion effort has been used against him.

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