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Rosario Dawson – Bio, Ethnicity, Age, Husband, Children, Boyfriend, Net worth

Rosario Dawson’s journey to stardom seems different than most other Holywood stars. Her breakthrough role came at age 15 when she appeared in the haunting Larry Clark ‘s Children (1995). At the age of 20, the budding star took the big step of not letting people judge her by her looks, so she resorted to wearing giant sweatshirts to audition. Although it was difficult to convince directors that she has what it takes to not reveal clothes at auditions, the actress has been able to build a burgeoning acting career since her teenage role. In addition, her political activism makes her even more special.

Biography (ethnicity, age)

Dawson’s birth sign is Taurus when she was born9. May 1979. Her mother Isabel Celeste had Dawson at age 16 but never married her father Patrick C. Harris. Instead, Isabel chose Greg Dawson, a construction worker aged 17, a year after she gave birth to Dawson. Little Dawson grew up with her half-brother Clay in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the ’80s. Her mother, who is also a singer, is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent.

Dawson began acting as a child and made his debut on the parenting series. sesame street . A role in the 1995 film Kids It Followed before the actress began making music videos such as Out of Control, a Chemical Brothers song. She also acted in some of the music videos and spent the rest of the 1990s and early 2000s doing so.


In the new millennium, Dawson took on a number of different roles. from a band member in Josie and the Pussycats to the sweet natural Rivera, who won the heart of a convicted drug dealer in 25th Hour. Her eagerness to bring precision to her roles saw the young stunner win more roles in various blockbusters such as He’s Got a Game (1998), Men in Black II (2002) and For Rent (2005). Around this time, Dawson made his first appearance in Shakespeare in the Park, while the revival of Two Gentlemen of Verona was taking place at the Public Theatre.

Experiencing big paychecks and resonating with his fans, Dawson embarked on a career journey focusing on activism and record-breaking film roles such as in Seven Pounds (2008), where she starred opposite Will Smith. She also did Eagle Eye (2008), Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief (2010), Unstoppable ( 2010) and many others.

While Dawson was primarily involved in films, she also gave television series a shot with roles in Gemini Division , an online sci-fi series. She has voiced a slew of works and hosts Saturday Night Live. Her intonation works in the Afterworld and Wonder Woman animated series have been widely praised.


More recently, she participated in the reworking of Jones and Luke Cage and Sin City: A Lady To Kill, reprising her role as Gail. The two films were totally impressive and made her better known. Dawson also had a role in Give Me Shelter , a Christian drama film, in which she played Apple’s mother.

Rosario Dawson Net Worth

Rosario Dawson is a regular face on several of Netflix’s wonder shows, and those superhero roles have turned into plenty of cash. The American actress, who is also active in some social movements, has an estimated net worth of US$16 million which is basically allowance for acting, singing, writing and brand endorsement.

husband, children, friend

Rosario Dawson started dating her ex-husband, comedian Eric Andre, in early 2017. In mid-year, the actress, in a muddy mood, shared that Eric was a sweet guy and was very supportive during and after her health struggles. Ovarian cyst and internal bleeding. While they were once deeply in love, all traces of the sweet feelings seem to be history as they have since broken off the relationship.


Their breakup has many wondering what happened, especially since it was barely two months before Dawson gushed on social media about how supportive he was. There was no child from the union, but Dawson has a daughter, whom she adopted in 2014 at age 12.

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