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Natacha Karam – Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband or Friend and Family Details

Natacha Karam is a TV and film actress slowly but steadily making waves in Hollywood. Karam began her career on stage in 2014 and has since achieved an impressive film maturity. On the small screen, she has featured in shows such as Die Heimat and Mute Witness . On the big screen, she starred in films such as Valentine’s Again and Category Five .

Super talent Karam has become very popular – thanks to the TV show, The Brave . It’s a military drama series in which she plays a badass sniper. The role not only put her in the spotlight, but made her a role model for girls around the world.

Natacha Karam Bio (Age)

Natacha Karam was born in Great Britain and spent her childhood in Ireland. Her exact date of birth is not known, but she is said to be in her mid-twenties. There isn’t much information about the actress’ family or educational background. This is understandable given that she’s still a rising star. However, we expect more details about her background to emerge as profile increases.


As a child, Natacha Karam traveled a lot for her father’s job. By the time she was 13, she was living in as many as five countries. It wasn’t until she grew up (18) that she moved to London and made it her home.

The actress graduated from Dubai College in 2012. She then went to City Lit College in London, where she studied acting. She graduated in 2014. Natacha Karam always wanted to be an actress and she started pursuing the dream when she was four years old. Those lofty dreams finally became a reality in 2014 when she auditioned for a role in a theatrical production of O’Flaherty .

She didn’t land the role, but Karam didn’t let that stop her. She forged on and her hard work was rewarded in 2015 with roles in three different stage productions – Public Inconvenience, The Avenger’s Tragedy, and WASHING. Karam also landed her first film role in 2015. It was in the short film, Clean Conscience. Natacha Karam has continued to appear in more films and TV shows since her freshman year. They include Alike (2016), Category Five (2016), and Valentine ‘s Day (2016). Others are Silent Witness and Homeland .


Natacha Karam’s most notable role to date is Sergeant Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Khan on NBC ‘s The Brave . The show follows an elite undercover military team whose task is to complete missions in dangerous parts of the world, killing the bad guys and saving missions. Karam’s character is not only the only woman on the team, but also the best marksman. The show has attracted a lot of fans, especially among people from a military background.

Husband or Boyfriend and Family Facts

The black-haired actress doesn’t date anyone, least of all in public. If she’s in any relationship, she keeps it under wraps. To the best of our knowledge, the actress has never been a woman to anyone. The following are facts to know about her family.

1. There is currently no information on the names of her parents. However, we do know that her mother is from Northern Ireland. Her father, on the other hand, is half French and half Lebanese.


2. Natacha Karam has a brother who she loves so much by sticking with her Instagram posts. His name is Christophe.

3. The Karam family is well traveled and has lived in many countries due to job demands. Karam has lived in almost half a dozen countries. Her travels have helped her pick many accents and as such she is skilled in handling a wide range of accents, from Irish to Scottish to London. Others are Australia, South Africa, Dublin, France, India, Israel, New York and California. Karam is also fluent in English and French. She also has basic knowledge of Arabic.

4. The actress has a much-loved dog who can even be said to be a member of the family. He is half Pug and half King Charles Spaniel. His name is Cleopatra and the actress considers him her best friend.


Size – how tall is she?

Natacha Karam is blessed with a slim figure. She is 1.65 m tall and weighs 56 kg. Her hair is black while her eyes are brown. The actress owes her physique not only to good genes, but also to physical exercise. She is an avid boxer and usually joins a boxing club in the town where she is located. She boxes up to six times a day and regularly shares pictures and videos of her boxing sessions on Instagram.

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