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Lyle Waggoner – Bio, Age, Height, Sons, Net Worth and More

Lyle Waggoner is a veteran actor and former model. most popular for appearing on The Carol Burnett Show from 1967 to 1974. He also appeared as the leads, Steve Trevor and Steve Trevor Jr., in the widely circulated television series Wonder Woman . The TV series ran from 1975 to 1979 and aired 59 episodes involving Waggoner, cementing his profile as a household name on American television. Lyle Waggoner, now retired, is spending his quiet old age with his wife, Sharon Kennedy, in her 50s. Read on as we learn more about this veteran.

Lyle Wagoner’s bio, dude

Lyle Waggoner was born – Lyle Wesley Waggoner – in Kansas City, Kansas, USA on April 13, 1935; into the family of Myron and Marie Waggoner. Although born in Kansas, Waggoner spent most of his childhood in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, where he attended elementary school and later attended Kirkwood High School. After graduating from high school in 1953, Waggoner enrolled briefly at Washington University in St. Louis before joining the United States Army. During his military service, Waggoner served two years in West Germany, not at the front but as a radio operator.

After his discharge, he wasted no time in enrolling at the General Motors Institute of Technology, where he studied mechanical engineering in the junior executive program. However, the story does not describe him as an engineer. He sold copies of encyclopedias door-to-door. Waggoner first burst onto the big screens as a muscle man in a Kansas City production of Li’l Abner. He then started a sales promotion organization, where he raised just enough money to fund his move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood.



Initially, he appeared in science fiction films such as Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966), Swampland (1966), Journey to the Center of Time (1967) and Catalina Caper (1967). He also appeared in the third season of the TV series, Lost in Space . Waggoner launched his modeling career in 1973 when he was the first semi-nude male to show off Playgirl ‘s centerfold. A year later he left The Carol Burnett Showwith the intention of landing a leading role. However, he did appear in some of the show’s reunion specials on TV. In 1976, when the local Chamber of Commerce appointed Wagoner “Mayor” of Encino, California, his mouth dropped. However, news of his appointment raised questions about the legitimacy of the office given that mayors were elected.

Authorities cleared the air, however. It is important to emphasize that Waggoner’s mayoralty is not an executive government office, but rather a volunteer “goodwill ambassador.” Many “appointed mayors” have also emerged since Waggoner, including Fred Travalena, Ronnie Schell, Steve Allen and Mike Connors and Cesare Danova.

After retiring from acting training, Waggoner continued to appear on the show Sternwagen . In 1993, he hosted the infomercial, Let’s Talk to Lyle Waggoner. A brief promotional session for the natural man power enhancer, Y-Bron. According to the ad, Y-Bron was supposedly able to fix male impotence. Things went downhill not long after, however, when Scottsdale, the Arizona-based Twin Star, was fined $1.5 million for making unsubstantiated claims about the product. During Waggoner’s forty-year career, he appeared in no fewer than 66 films and TV shows.


Family life – wife, sons

Lyle Waggoner was married to a consultant,actress and realtor Sharon Kennedy since September 17, 1961. Two adult sons were born in their five-decade marriage. Beau Waggoner and Jason Waggoner. Waggoner is old and has retired from public life. Now he spends most of his time as a sculptor.

He and his wife live near Jackson, Wyoming. Some of his work is exhibited at Galleries West Fine Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Aside from Wyoming, the couple also have homes in Mexico, Oxnard California, Manzanillo, Colima, and Westlake Village, California.

Net worth (income) and more facts about Lyle Waggoner

1. Fortune

In his forty years as an actor, Lyle Waggoner hasn’t just earned himself a name, but he’s also made a ton of “money” from his career. As of 2019, sources state that his net worth is over $10 million. And why not? His appearance on the 1973 series Love Me Deadly earned him a $18.3 million share of the box office gross from a budget of $42,500. Alongside this, Waggoner acquired a $2.1 million home in La Quinta, California.


Not long after, he acquired another luxury property. This time an oceanfront home in Mandalay Beach that cost him $3.925 million. The property later sold for $4.495 million.

2. Height and body measurements

The Octagenarian stands 6 feet 3 inches (1.92 m). He has gray hair and dark brown eyes. At this time we do not have tabs on shoe, bust, bicep and waist sizes. However, we’ll be sure to delete them all once we get the details.

3. Follow social media

Aside from his appearances on television and films, Lyle Waggoner does not operate any social media accounts. He is not active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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