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I want to win titles at Barcelona- Robert Lewandowski

The motivation behind Robert Lewandowski’s impending transfer from Bayern Munich to Barcelona has been made public, and he also stated that he wants to win championships with his new team.

Following the announcement of a transfer agreement between Bayern and Barça, the Poland striker has arrived in Catalonia for a medical.

The transfer is estimated to be worth €50 million.

Many were surprised by Lewandowski’s desire to leave Bayern after learning of his extraordinary achievements in the Bundesliga, which helped him establish himself as one of the top players in Europe. But he has now clarified why he was unable to refuse the opportunity to join La Liga.


He said to Bild: “I wanted to play in another league than the Bundesliga, I had made that decision for a long time. But I have to emphasize: It was the most difficult decision of my life. I wanted to live somewhere else, discover something new with my family. My daughter Klara will start school next year, we had to make a decision. And that decision was that it should be something new. If not now, then that would probably never have been possible. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Barcelona had problems last season. But the club has incredible potential and has made good transfers now. I think the club is on the right track – back to the top. My goal is very clear to get up there with Barça and win trophies!”


Lewandowski would not be sold, Bayern was adamant earlier in the window, and they dug in their heels to keep him there. Lewandowski asserted that everyone got what they wanted out of the deal, despite the fact that the player’s departure has soured their relationship with the club.

He added this as he left: “I said that both sides did things that were unnecessary. But maybe certain things had to happen for the change to be possible in the end. I think both sides are happy now. Bayern gets a lot of money, I can go to Barcelona.

“It’s been a long, difficult road, but I think that in the end we can all look each other in the eye.”

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