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6 Ways On How to Track A Lost or Stolen Phone Fast in 2021 (CHECK NOW)

6 Ways On How to Track A Lost or Stolen Phone Fast in 2021

If you are looking for how to track your lost mobile phone, this article have provided 6 Ways On How to Track A Lost or Stolen Phone Fast in 2021. We have provided solutions on how to track a stolen phone with imei number in Nigeria, how to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off. You will also get to see How to Use Google to Track Missing Android Phone and also Top Applications to Track Stolen Mobile Phones and many other ways, so we urge you to read every bit of it slowly and carefully to be able to digest every information effectively.

One of the most common concerns of smartphone users is the possibility of losing their device. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of locating a misplaced phone step by step.

More than just making and receiving phone calls, today’s mobile phones are capable of a variety of other tasks. They may also perform a variety of functions, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, portable digital workplaces, Internet access, and so on and so forth.


Important items, such as photographs, music, and word documents, are stored on the internal memory of a mobile phone as well as on an SD memory card.

Additionally, the majority of people employ their smartphones to perform crucial tasks such as content creation, social media business administration, research, blogging, photography, and other similar activities. The reliance on mobile phones for all of these activities means that losing one is an unwelcome and inconvenient inconvenience.

Unfortunately, some of us have had this experience, along with the sorrow of rummaging through empty pockets, turning over beds and couches, and scouring frantically through public locations in quest of the misplaced mobile phone.


The frustration that comes with losing key contacts, images, audio files, and word documents that were previously stored on the mobile phone is also a factor. This is an experience that those of us who have gone through it do not intend to go through again.

For those who haven’t, we have no intention of doing so. And it is for this reason that this article was published. We’ll be giving you with information on how to track a missing mobile phone in Nigeria, so that you may prevent the pain that comes with losing a mobile phone and can operate your mobile device with greater security as a result.

6 Ways On How to Track A Lost or Stolen Phone Fast in 2021 (Andriod/ios)

6 Ways On How to Track A Lost or Stolen Phone Fast in 2021

1. How to Use Google to Track Missing Android Phone.

Android devices are powered by Google’s open-source Android operating system, which is designed to be versatile. Google has intelligently given a feature called Find My Device that allows users to track mobile devices running the Android operating system (formally Andriod Device Manager).


Find My Device is a reasonably simple application that allows you to track mobile devices and do other related tasks. Anyone can use this program to track for a misplaced Android handset by following a few simple, straightforward steps.

These are the procedures to consider in order to use Google’s find my device feature.

i.)  Use Google’s Find My Device service

The first step in using Google’s Find My Device service is to sign in with the Google account associated with your Android mobile phone, either through the Find My Device app or through the Find My Device online interface.


ii.) Signup Or Login

When you sign in  you will be give a dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to keep an eye on your Android smartphone as long as it is online and active, so log in and get ready to get started.

In order to locate and ring the stolen smartphone, you can utilize Google’s Find My Device service, which allows you to play sound on the device for as long as you like, even when it is silent. The smartphone can be protected against theft by setting up a remote password/pin that locks the phone and displays a recovery message on the screen. Last but not least, make a complete and thorough wipe of the stolen device’s hard drive.

It will also display information such as phone model, date and time of last online connection, battery percentage, and an embedded map that allows you to pinpoint where the phone is located.


If the device has already been remotely erased or wiped before you use Find My Device, it will not appear on the dashboard.

2. How to track a Stolen iPhone (ios) Device.

A service comparable to Android’s Find My Device has also been intelligently supplied by Apple for smartphones that run on its iOS operating environment. The service is referred to as “Find My iPhone.”

With the Find My iPhone service, you can track your iOS device, lock it, and even erase it, just like you can with the Android service.


Therefore, in order for this service to function, the iOS device must be turned on. If you have switched off your device, you can choose to get a notification once it has been turned back on by selecting the Notify Me option from the Find My iPhone menu.

This service, like the one on Android, will only function if your Icloud account is currently active.

3. Tips On How to track a Microsoft device

Microsoft, like Google and Apple, has created a means for users to hunt down misplaced Microsoft products.


Aspects of their service are likewise similar to those provided by Google and Apple

To trace, wipe, or lock your Microsoft device, simply go to and enter your device’s serial number.

When you can’t find your phone, whether it’s genuinely gone missing or simply wedged between the sofa cushions, it’s a terrifying experience. Find My Phone might assist you in putting your worries to rest. This free feature, available in the My Phone part of, allows you to ring your phone, lock it, wipe it, or display it on a map from any Internet-connected computer. Using Find My Phone, you can more easily reclaim your phone or prevent someone else from using it without your consent.


To sign into Find My Phone for the first time

follow these steps:

==> check in with your Microsoft account


Find My Phone will require you to check in with your Microsoft account the first time you use it, so be sure you have one ready.

==> Go to on your computer’s web browser.

Find My Phone may be accessed by pointing to the phone icon in the upper-right corner and clicking it. In the event that you are requested, sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to sign in on your phone.


==> To find out where your phone is, use Google Maps.

==> Go to on your computer’s web browser.

Find My Phone, may be accessed by pointing to the phone icon in the upper-right corner and clicking it. In the event that you are requested, sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to sign in on your phone.


==> Log in with the same Microsoft account that you used to sign in to your phone on your computer by visiting the Find My Phone page on and entering your phone’s serial number.

  • Choose one of the options below:

Are you unable to locate the most recent location? Select Refresh from the drop-down menu.
If you’d like a hard copy of the location of your phone, select Print from the drop-down menu.
If you’ve scrolled the map and have lost track of where your phone is on it, click Center on map to get it back on track.

Note: If we are unable to locate your phone straight away, we will offer to continue looking if you so like, and we will send you an email if we do locate it. (You may change your email address at any time by logging into with your Microsoft account and going to Account settings.)

In order to make your phone ring,


==> Locate and open the Find My Phone page on: from your computer.

==> To ring the phone, click: Ring and then follow the on-screen directions.


When you ring your phone, it will ring regardless of whether the volume is turned down or whether it is in vibrate mode.


==> In order to lock your phone and display a message,

==> Go to on your computer’s web browser.

Find My Phone may be accessed by pointing to the phone icon in the upper-right corner and clicking it. In the event that you are requested, sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to sign in on your phone.


After clicking Lock, follow the on-screen instructions. It is necessary to enter a password on your phone if you do not already have one set up; you will use this password to unlock the phone if it is returned to you.


If we are unable to lock your phone immediately away, we will offer to try again later. If we are successful, we will send you an email.


Also available is the ability to compose a message that will appear on your phone’s lock screen. Consider including a phone number or email address in the message so that anyone who finds your phone can get in touch with you if they need to.


==> How to completely delete your phone’s data

follow these steps:

If you’re convinced that you won’t be able to retrieve your phone, or if it contains important information that you want to keep safe until you can recover it, you can remotely wipe your phone’s memory.


==> Go to on your computer’s web browser.

Find My Phone may be accessed by pointing to the phone icon in the upper-right corner and clicking it. In the event that you are requested, sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to sign in on your phone.

==> Select Erase from the drop-down menu.


To indicate that you are absolutely certain, select the yes button. Click Erase after selecting the Erase my phone immediately check box.


If we are unable to wipe your phone immediately away, we will attempt again later. If we are successful, we will send you an email.

It is a good idea to notify your cell service provider that you have misplaced your phone.
To make changes to the Find My Phone settings, follow these steps:


If you want to save your location every few hours, you may set up Find My Phone to do so. You can also utilize push notifications instead of text messages to transmit commands (and apps) to your phone more quickly and at a lower cost. It is your phone, not your computer, that is responsible for changing these settings.

==> Select Settings Image from the App list, and then select Find my phone from the drop-down menu.

Choose one or both of the options from the list below:


Push notifications are used to deliver apps to my phone (not SMS). Text messaging is used by both the Find My Phone service and the Windows Phone Store on the web to transmit commands and applications to your phone.

If you prefer to receive push notifications instead, select this option. Why? Push notifications can be delivered more quickly than text messages, and if your mobile provider charges you for each incoming text message, push notifications may also be more cost-effective than text messages in some cases.

In addition, My Phone is only capable of sending 15 text messages to your phone in a three-day span. The possibilities are endless with push notifications.


Save the location of my phone on a regular basis and just before the battery runs out to make it easier to locate. The location information from your phone can be saved by Microsoft every few hours so that if your phone is out of range or the battery dies, we can still display your phone’s last known location on a map if you have a Microsoft account.

4.) Three (3) Top Applications to Track Stolen Mobile Phones (Android/ios).

With today’s information age, it’s not just the monetary loss that might cause concern when a mobile device is lost; it’s also the data loss that can be particularly difficult for anyone. For those of you who have lost your phone, like myself, or who are in the habit of forgetting or misplacing your phone about, a location-tracking app is a must-have for your smartphone.

That being stated, whatever your purpose for seeking a solution for tracking lost or stolen gadgets, you’ve arrived at the correct website. In this article, I’ll go over the top Android tracking apps that may be used to locate lost or stolen Android smartphones. Let’s get this party started.


(1) Life360 Phone Tracking App:

A location-tracking tool that does it all, Life360 allows you to follow the whereabouts of your misplaced phones or tablets from a single interface. Additionally, thanks to its location-sharing feature, it allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family members.

You may form groups, invite individuals to join them, and track their whereabouts on a private map that is only visible to the group’s participants. The location history of all group members can also be viewed through this feature. If you misplace your gadget, you may trace its whereabouts by signing onto the company’s website,, and entering the device’s serial number.

When compared to other tracking apps, Life360 provides a number of additional safety measures. For example, if it detects an accident, it will call for an ambulance and send messages to emergency contacts to alert them of the situation. It sounds like it has a lot of features, doesn’t it?


What is the Advantage of The Life360 Phone Tracking App?

Has a group chat feature for simple communication amongst participants.
Sends real-time updates regarding other people’s location sign-ins.

In the times of emergency, Drive Care interacts with a representative.

Crash detection and roadside help are among the safety features available.


What is the Dis-advantage of The Life360 Phone Tracking App?

In the free plan, it allows only two alerts and a two-day location history.

Crime reports, emergency response, and other functions are not available on the free plan.

Unlike others, there is no support for locking or factory resetting a lost device.


(2) Family Locator:

Family Locator, like Life360, is a fantastic location-tracking tool for your children and family that may be used in conjunction with each other. Similar to a group chat, the app has a number of features that allow you to track and connect with other group members.

The software allows you to establish groups and track the whereabouts of your children and other family members on a live map using GPS technology. An integrated chat feature allows you to speak with other members of your family while on the go. Then, using the location history tool, you can check where the kids or other members have been for the past seven days.

What distinguishes it? In contrast to other apps, Family Locator has a feature that allows you to designate risk and safe zones for your family. The app sends you notifications when your child or a member of your family enters or leaves a specific danger zone or safe zone.


What is the Advantage of The Family Locator?

Displays everyone’s location-tracking data for the previous seven days.

In contrast to Find My Device, this app allows you to communicate with other members of the group.
Real-time notifications are sent to the user’s mobile device when they enter or leave a zone.

What is the Dis-advantage of The Family Locator?

Unlike Find My Device, there is no functionality for locking or erasing a device on the device.


(3) iSharing:

Another fascinating software is iSharing Location Tracker, which can be used to track the location of a misplaced phone while also keeping track of the whereabouts of family members at the same time.

The app is jam-packed with capabilities that allow you to track the location of your connected devices. It enables you to create groups, chat with group members, and track the whereabouts of group members in real time, among other things. It provides you updates when a group member has left or arrived at a certain location in the group. Also available is the ability to check the location history of other group members.

What is the Advantage of The iSharing Application?

Apart from Find My Device app method, this other application allows you to communicate with other members of the group.


Alerts is being sent in real time when a group member arrives at or departs from a location.

It is equipped with safety measures such as panic alarms and real-time notifications.

What is the Dis-advantage of The iSharing Application?

There is no free version; iSharing only offers a trial edition that lasts for seven days.


5. How to Track a Stolen Phone With imei Number in Nigeria?

The abbreviation IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity and is used to identify mobile devices worldwide. It is a 15-digit number that can be used to track down the mobile device on which it was discovered and tracked down.

This number can be obtained on the phone’s packaging, in its storage compartment or by dialing *#06# on a mobile device, which will provide the IMEI. IMEI is communicated to the network base station every time a phone call is made or a text message is sent through a network service provider. It is because of this that it is possible to track a mobile device using its IMEI number.

To trace mobile devices, however, needs the use of sophisticated software that is typically only available to law enforcement authorities, such as the police, who have access to it.


Whenever your mobile phone gets lost and you do not have any of the tracking apps installed on it, it is recommended that you monitor the device using the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is critical that you properly record the IMEI number of your device somewhere. If your smartphone goes lost, contact the nearest law enforcement agency as soon as possible and provide them with your IMEI number so that they can trace it down.

In addition, you should contact your mobile network service provider to have your sim card banned until your device is located, at which point you can whitelist it once more.


6. Use the Phone Backup Process

Additionally, it is critical to backup your mobile content to external storage, whether offline or online. A laptop or a flash drive are excellent examples of offline external storage space, whereas Google Drive may be highly useful for Android users as an offline storage space.

Do not wait until your gadget is lost or stolen before you become concerned about the sensitive and crucial information stored on it. Backups of your phone’s content provide an additional layer of security above mobile tracking software.

In Summary:

That has been the 6 Ways On How to Track A Lost or Stolen Phone Fast in 2021.Do not forget, nobody really wants to experience the heartbreak of losing a mobile device, yet inconveniences happen on a regular basis, and being prepared can, in many cases, be the most effective method of avoiding them. One method to stay on the safe side is to use mobile tracking applications and make a secure backup of your mobile phone content. We hope you found this article to be informative. Kindly let us know.


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