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Erin Kellyman – biography, facts about the rising British actress

Despite a brief stint on the acting scene, aspiring actress Erin Kellyman has appeared in several television shows and films. Her acting skills are beyond doubt as she shows a certain grace and naturalness on set that can arouse the viewer’s interest in just being herself. Her best outing was in 2017 on the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story – A Blockbuster Movie, in which she had a notable role. Erin handled her character so well that she left the audience to learn more about her.

It may be true that the young star is not yet in the category of Hollywood’s top actresses, but from what is discernible, it won’t be long before she starts to rub shoulders with the creme de la creme of the entertainment world. One thing that’s guaranteed about the young actress is that she can only get better and bigger as the best of Erin Kellyman is yet to come.

Erin Kellyman’s biography

Erin Kellyman was born on October 17, 1998; She is a British national of Caucasian descent, originally from Tamworth. The movie star seems to be a quiet guy as not much is known about her background, but there’s no mistaking the fact that she comes from a large household from her Instagram post titled ‘Family.’ The photo shows her mother Louise Kellyman, her grandfather, her two sisters, several cousins ​​and their pet dog named Chewie. No father was mentioned leaving us with the conclusion that she was probably raised by her mother along with her sisters.


Erin isn’t the only member of the Kellyman family in the entertainment industry. Her sister, Amelia Kellyman, is also a well-known actress, best known for the 2000 film As Doctor where she portrayed the character of Millie Sawyer. However, the identity of her second sister is probably still unclear because she is a minor. According to the young actress, she has always been passionate about acting, which influenced her decision to join Nottingham Television Workshop as the academic institution where she honed her acting skills. Erin has been in the entertainment industry since 2015 and has had great success ever since.

Facts about the rising British actress

Personal Life of Erin Kellyman

Instantly, Erin Kellyman gained celebrity status, her love life became an object of curiosity; Both fans and the general public have expressed an interest in the identity of the current man in her life. However, Erin has kept her personal life under wraps and there is no clue of any information about her current boyfriend that may have stemmed from the fact that she doesn’t have any. Fans have concluded that she is currently focused on building a successful career and that Mr. Right will show up after a while.

gain fame

The rising star took a step up the ladder of success in 2016 when she landed the role of Frankie on the set of BBC sitcom Coopers vs. the Rest . However, it drew massive criticism from film critics, who dismissed it as a poor adaptation of My Family That Was a 2000 sitcom. In 2017, she played the role of Eleanor in the television series Uncle , but her breakout role was achieved in Solo: A Star Wars Story portraying the character of Masked Marauder Enfys Nest. Erin Kellyman stars in Les Miserables – Another popular TV series in which she will star alongside Dominic West, David Oyelowo and Lily Collins.


Wealth (income and earnings)

While still very new to the entertainment world, Erin Kellyman is already creating a niche for herself as she earns massive popularity with fans and the public. The same is reflected in her net worth, which was set at $400,000 at the last check. However, her annual earnings were never disclosed.

body stats

Erin Kellyman’s height is not known, but she is of slim build but not endowed in the height department. Her weight is also unknown, but it is widely known that she has dark red and curly hair, hazel eyes and a freckled face.

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