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Chuck Norris – Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Where Is He Now?

Chuck Norris is an actor, film producer, screenwriter and martial artist. Although he is popularly known as a “tough as a nail” actor who mainly shows off his martial arts skills on screen, most people don’t realize that this skill was acquired during military service in the United States. Today Chuck is one of the most accomplished actors and coaches who built his career around this coveted skill especially in the 80’s and later due to the high demand for karate themed action movies. Today, he spends more time with his family and reaches out to others for life-changing causes.

Carlos Ray Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma on 10. March 1940. He was born to mother Wilma Scarberry, born May 4, 1921, and father Ray Norris (1918–1971), who was a bus driver, truck driver, mechanic and World War II soldier in the United States Army . He has two younger siblings, Aaron who happens to be a Hollywood producer and Wieland (1943–1970) who died in Vietnam. His parents divorced when he was 16, so he moved with his mother and two brothers to Prairie Village, Kansas, and later to Torrance, California.

Norris didn’t have as comfortable a childhood as he was a very shy child and has described himself as “non-athletic and mediocre.” He revealed that much of his withdrawal stemmed from the fact that his father, who worked part-time as a mechanic, was a passionate drunk who usually indulged in a binge potion whenever he got the chance. To make matters worse, his family’s finances were very deplorable.


At the age of 18, Chuck Norris joined the United States Air Force to serve as an Air Policeman (AP). He was sent to Osan Air Base in South Korea. During his service there, he earned the nickname Chuck and also began to develop his skills in Tang Soo Mach (tangsudo). For the training in Tang Soo Do, he developed a great interest in the Black Belt. Upon his return to the United States, he continued to serve as an Air Policeman at March Air Force Base. In August 1962, Norris was discharged from the US Air Force after serving diligently.

After serving in the United States Air Force , he sought major championships in combat, winning many, including black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo . He then decided to pass his time in a good activity and then thought of opening a martial arts school. He called it the school of combat, “ Chun Kuk Do. “

He made his acting debut in 1969 when he starred in the film titled, The Destructive Crew. Following the film’s success, he was billed to star in the hugely successful film with Bruce Lee, Path of the Dragon. The title was changed to Return of the Dragon for US release. Other critically acclaimed films in which he has appeared are: the Missing Trilogy, The Delta Force, Good Boys Wear Black Lone Wolf McQuade Code of Silence The Octagon , among many other supporting roles.


Chuck Norris worked extensively in television from 1993 to 2001 when he starred as Cordell Walker in the television series Walker, Texas Ranger.

Writing career – books

He has also written a number of bookscrossing a range of subjects including: martial arts, movement, philosophy, Christian religion, politics, western novels, biography. His first book appeared in 1975. It was titled Karate Tournament, a book based on the practical study of competitive training for each rank, including all segments of conditioning, fighting form drilling, one-step sparring techniques and execution quick attacks.

In 2005, in a new age of technological advances and the World Wide Web, Chuck Norrick somehow became an internet sensation, even if it wasn’t his plan anyway. He caused quite a buzz with the hilarious Chuck Norris Fact, a document that reveals what is fiction and nonfiction when it comes to the stories being told about him and his career. The result was two video games and six books, two of which are New York Times bestsellers.


Wealth (income and earnings)

After bursting onto the entertainment scene in the late ’50s, Chuck Norris starred in many blockbuster films and also became a bestseller. He is also a martial arts teacher who owns his own studio where he teaches the arts. He also has endorsements such as the “Total Gym” infomercials, which have significantly increased his sales over the years. As with current celebrity financials, Chuck Norris is worth well over $70 million.

Family life – wife, children

Norris became good friends with Dianne Kay Holechek, who was only a year his junior. The two met in 1956 while still in high school in Torrance, California. The marriage came just two years later, when both brought together a small group of friends and family in 1958. Their first son, Mike, came with them in 1962. The following year he had a daughter who was not married. A second son named Eric was welcomed with his wife in 1964.

Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1988 after 30 full years together. Chuck Norris poured himself into his work after the divorce, but in 1998 he met a new woman, a former model. Gena O’Kelly Gena was 23 years his junior. However, Norris and Gena married on October 28 of the same year, 1998. Although she had two children from her previous marriage, on August 30, 2001, she gave birth to twin children to Chuck Norris.


Chuck Norris size

As a movie star, or at least one who plans to be in showbiz, having a few inches of height could give you an advantage. While this isn’t a criterion, it certainly helps in getting most of the important roles, as not many roles are written for people who are below average height. Still, Chuck Norris would have been lucky as he is 5ft 10in (178cm) tall. When he melds with his fighting skills and on-screen charm, he certainly gives the audience an all-round treat.

Where is he now, is he dead?

In 2012, a rumor circulated that the martial arts fighter and movie star had passed into the great afterlife at the age of 77 at his home in Northwood Hills, TX. However, that news was quickly proven to be false when the star blew the air on his social media. The star is very much alive and even celebrated his 78th birthday on March 10, 2018.

However, his career has slowed due to age as a factor, and he has focused on other important causes including: supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation and helping wounded veterans and service members. In 1990, Norris co-directed a nonprofit program with former US President George W. Bush called Kickstart Kids: Character Through Karate. The program aimed to teach students karate in order to boost their self-esteem. The program is very successful as it has been taken up in 56 schools with up to 8,000 participants.


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