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10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

Looking at the 10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria there are always diverse of questions that comes into ones mind such as how much do bloggers make in Nigeria; where to learn blogging in Nigeria; how do bloggers receive their money; how to make money online in Nigeria and the rest is endless. The truth will always remain, there is no straightforward answer to it. Knowing how to create a free blog in Nigeria alone can fetch you a lot of money, it is not a must that you must begin this journey with a paid blog. So if you must know how to start a blog in Nigeria and make money online from it then keep reading.

Its rather Unfortunate, that so many writers tends to mix things up i.e they confuse ways to make money blogging with how to make money blogging in Nigeria.When ways to make money blogging has to do a lot with online business ideas, and then how to make money blogging in Nigeria centers on strategies you setup for you blog/websites to generate income on demand, whenever and wherever.

For those who already know how to make money blogging, you will come to agreement with me that  it will be more easier to achieve your business goals through your website or blog.


Let me clear up something, we have decided to divide this guide into two (2) Sections for easy comprehension and they are:

  • Section 1: How to become a successful blogger? and
  • Section 2: How to monetize your blog?

Now you will find out all you need to know inside this guide, so keep reading it carefully and slowly to digest every bit of it.

For all those who have any question, you are free to ask it in the comment section below this article; you can as well send us a message through WhatsApp. Check our contact details on our contact us page.

Once you start to learn how to monetize your blog or how to make money blogging in Nigeria, you will become so satisfied and confidence, as your passion for blogging will increase rapidly like a fire sprinkled with fuel.


Moreover, the purpose of this article is to help you to start making money online and become rich through blogging in Nigeria. I did not say blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme. All i am saying is this, with the detailed and well explain article that i have put in place, there is no excuse not to succeed, because everything you need to know has been provided here.

In this case, you do not have to be surprised to find out that before you make money through blogging you will have to invest and without you investing you are bound to fail. You have to understand that you also need to be patient, do the right thing and then the money will start rolling in.

So before we being this journey, there is always a need to first and foremost look at the monetization aspects of your blog before doing any thing else.


What is The Favorable Time For monetizing A blog?

The mistake so many stater’s do is to think that once they start blogging the money will start pouring in instantly.

It marvels me sometimes to see all this i wannabe bloggers want the money instantly when they just submit an article on their newly created blogs. Blogging needs time, optimization, patients and a lot of work to do.

The most crazy part of this is that so many does not even want to invest at all. How ill you make money from a business that demands money if you are not ready and willing to invest?


This is how failed bloggers look like;

  • They are looking for and using free hosting platform
  • They use free themes and
  • Their platforms are always fool of too many colors
  • The keep designing and re designing their blog every now and then
  • They talk more instead of working more
  • They are not ready to hire writers or seat down and write quality contents
  • They are not ready to learn and become better
  • They think blogging is magic so they tend want everything done for free.

Without forgetting, another thing about failed bloggers is that they have greed.

It is not possible to succeed with the above idea. Time to change and follow what works. Keep reading.

It is a good thing to actually start a blog and have the right mindset to make money from it. Before you can make this possible you need to have steady source of internet traffic or visitors coming into your blog. This can be possible with a good optimized contents and hiring a good SEO traffic expert.


Places you can easily get traffic internet search engines like Google & Yahoo, social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, good email marketing tools and many among them. With this it is possible to increase the visitors rate on your blog and make more money.

Factoring all these into place, your must understand that your web traffic is a determining to help you know when you have to monetize your blog.

In the words of Brain Jackson i quote: “Monetization is math, not magic”. Do you agree with him? Of course its true and you don’t need to agree with him for it to be true as well.


What Are the Kinds of blogs That Is Likely to Make Money?

There are so many niches out there that one can venture into and make cool money from it. But it is important to know the kinds of niche that really matters and that has been proven working and verified by technical experts as well.

A blog that tends to make you money is a profitable blog niche.

See the top 10 Niches that will fetch you money easily below;

  1. Make Money Niche
  2. Finance Niche
  3. Music Niche
  4. Fashion Niche
  5. Health Niche
  6. Food Niche
  7. Online Review Niche
  8. News Niche
  9. Digital Marketing Niche
  10. Personal development

10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

Right here you will be guided on the top 10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria. You are about to be handed the various blogging strategies on how to become a successful blogger. And at the end of the day, it is going to position you so that you can know how to make money blogging from your blog or website.

See the 10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria below.

10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

Step 1: You Have To Be Ready

With the present world organization information and communication technology (ICT) has seen to take over the space. This has really proven that most archaic ways of doing things has started eroding off. Before starting out in setting a blog you need to hire a digital marketer to handle the SEO section of your blog, you need a good content marketer; a copywriter; an email marketer; social media marketer etc on or you do it yourself, if you have the time

You might actually not need to have all the money in the world before you begin this journey, though you need some capital and a side hustle to start with.


You will definitely make money once you do the needful, invest right, meet the right mentors, learning and researching on your own and being patients before the money start rolling in.

Step 2: Put Your Tools in place

Your blogging journey most times will be from home unless you have the capacity to hire staff or workers to assist you. And even with that, you you can hire workers to work rmotel on your blog.

Don’t forget, if you don’t put things in place you cant start a profitable online business such as blogging. Now what are the tools required? See below.

  1. A Good Android Phone/iPad
  2. Laptop or Desktop Computer
  3. A good Internet Connection
  4. A table or desk for your computer
  5. A good sitting chair
  6. A personal home or a rented space
  7. Social media tools/software
  8. A pen and a jotter

If you have a good space in your assortment environments that you can use, then use it, you don’t need to rent an apartments unless otherwise. But whatever the case is, you must be in a good, serine, convenient place full that is capable of inspiring you to work and have a good result.

Step 3: You Must Pick Profitable Niche that Pays

Listen to this, do you know that before you can choose a profitable niche, there are things to consider which are the industry and the audience you are targeting. With this, you will definitely have a clue on what niche will pay you the most.

Being a blogger, i have seen a lot of debate when it comes to selecting a niche. You will hear Some bloggers saying that passion rules the game. If i should interpret it, it therefore means that once you a person have passion or interest in a niche, then you will start making money.

Now the question we need to ask ourselves honestly is – what happens if your passion isn’t lucrative? How will you make money?


It is easier said than done. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, blogging is business, you need to profit from your business. The only thing that should be rightfully said and advised is that, if one should have passion in a particular field, he or she should first look at the business angle of the nice and blog on it. Every niche has some sub niches in it and you can always explore and make money from it. It is lefty for you to figure that out with personal research or you reach out to an expert or councilor who is online business inclined. Not just a mere Councillor, they will advised wrongly. Be wise.

Step 4: Put Content Marketing in Place

What dESContent marketing? Content marketing has to do with a blogging monetization pattern to help grow your blog visors, generate traffic and make you earn on revenue, information marketing and from services rendered on your blog.

By making use of this strategy, it will effectively trigger the interest of your audience to purchase an offer such as a product or service through your platform easily.


Here is how Content marketing works; it requires you to present a valuable story catchy enough around the products you are selling.

According to experts, they are of the opinion that planning, creating and sharing emotional stories or highly valuable content on a blog will really help to get many customers other than just making use of the traditional advertisement alone.

With content marketing, it will help to promote your brand thereby creating a very solid relationship with your audience.


When your contents are interesting, you will have a lot of subscribers and followers who will be keeping an eye on you waiting for your new offer.

Without a good content how to make money blogging in Nigeria get defeated.

Step 5: Make Use of Email Subscription Pop-ups/Plugins

What are email Subscription Pop-ups/Plugins and what are their uses? Pop-ups is noting other than a subscription tool or plugin that is being used to track down people who comes to your blog. It helps to collect your visitors email address and helps to send them offers, tips, updates. This can be archive more easily though the use of a lead magnet


Now, everything depends on your own settings. They way you configure you email pop ups that is how it will appear on your blog and they purpose its meant for varies from person to person. One thing to note is that a pop-up usually helps in triggering a visitor to take action either before he or she is about to leave or comes up just few seconds after an individual visit your blog.

This tool can be commonly found in WordPress platform and it has been proven to help – generate leads, boost engagement rate as well as keep your blog readers.

So, with the correct use of a pop-up on your blog, you have the tendency of building a list that can be used to track your audience, know more about them while same can be used to reach out to them and make them more familiar and comfortable with your brand.


Step 6: Through Blog Monetization

If you don’t monetize your blog, you cant make money online through blogging. There are various ways to make money through your blog niche, for example, through the use of ads revenue platform, through selling of your information products and rendering of services for a fee.

Once you have been able to put up the above explained from 1 one to 5 together, the next thing is monetization. It is believed and proven that the above is capable of generating a lot of traffic for your blog.

Looking at ads monetization, it has to do with signing up for ads platform such as Google ad network, etc. You need traffic on your blog to be able to earn money.


If you must sale a products on your website or blog, it is either you create your own products from scratch or sale peoples products with permission for a fee. Other ways to earn include affiliate marketing. This is the process where you earn a commission of 10% from ad advertised link on your website when people follow the link on your blog to purchase the products.

Step 7: Sale eBooks on Your Blog

E-book business is yet another high profitable lane to trade on. Many people over the years till now has reg in millions of dollars into their bank account without breaking the bank.

E-book can simply be done by putting up some important resource information together for a fee. Most of those information are those kinds of information that cant be easily found on the internet. It must be an information products that is capable of solving peoples problem.


You can simply use Microsoft-word to create your eBook or some free or paid tools online. For your eBook to be able to capture people attentions and as well compel them to buy it must have a captivating and amazing e-cover (design).

Don’t forget,People are moved more by what they see. If you don’t know how to go about it, i have given some direction on how to go about it for free. Check it out below;

1) ==> Visme


2) ==> Canva

3) ==> Photoshop

4) ==> Snappa


Those platforms above have awesome features that can be used to make great designs

Step 8: Create Courses and Sale 

And now the 8 ways on how to make money blogging in Nigeria. Making money on your blog like i earlier said above, it involves a lot of things and course creation is yet another powerful idea. People are looking for a clear and detailed explanation on a service they are looking for.

Whatever you know very well you can teach people in a video tutorial and sale the video out on your blog. Lets say you had an article on how to reduce fat (weight loose) on your blog you can tell your audience to subscribe for a video explanatory guide on it and they will for a fee.


That is how you will make money online on your blog through selling of your courses.

For that to happen you must first;

  1. understand the needs of your audience
  2. You have to create content around the course you are to sale
  3. List out the prices for all your courses with bonuses if necessary
  4. Have different payments platform or directions

Don’t forget v you can as well use social media to sale your courses

Step 9: Earn Through Consulting Service

Earning through consultation services is yet another way one can make money through blogging. You can always conducts or organised a one on one coaching class were you help people on fixing issues, giving out advise, brainstorming and brain drilling, teaching and so on.


This is always a great opportunity to sale your offers such as eBooks and recommend some of your online courses. When you are giving out any of those things, ensure that your giving them your best selling books/courses. There are people who will never be comfortable unless the get a one on one training from you.

If your services are too good, you might get hired by big firms, entrepreneurs, small scale business owners to fix it for them, as most people do not have that time to do it their self even if they get the one on one training from you.

So i encourage you to Seize this moment, it is such an amazing opportunity for you to monetize your blog as an upcoming or existing blogger.


If you target big companies or firms, you can make around 6 to 7 figures within a very short period of time. People hire those who knows what they are doing.

Even when you do not so much traffic, making use of this pattern of monetization can earn you a lot of money as a Nigerian blogger.

Even places like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, you can make money there even without having a website or blog when you keep posting relevant contents. That is also applicable to a blog. Better contents is equal to good business patronage


Step 10: Go into Article Writing Service

This is the 1oth way and the last on our list right now on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria. If you can write then you can write for others, the more good you become everyday writing the more you improve on it. If you have a blog, you can be posting some useful articles on it and then go searching for clients who has some writing gigs to offer.

Your blog will be one of the reference point to direct people to. You could earn between $50 to $100 on a particular job depending on the niche, specification and experience.

In Summary:

That has been the top 10 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria. If you practice everything  on this guide you will become very successful in blogging.


Do you have any comments on this, if yes do well to drop it on the comment section and one of our admins will attend to it as soon as possible.

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